Connect with your true essence, live life from your heart and come back home to yourself by taking charge of your unique life!

I truly believe that when we have the courage and be curious to get to know ourselves, that’s when we start living our life!
Deep down inside of you, you already know what your purpose is. 

With Energetic & Holistic Coaching and Yoga & Mindfulness,
I would love to guide you back to your true essence.
There, where you feel completely free in just being YOU.



Hi you, 

My name is Ellemijn Nonkes. As a Yoga Teacher and Holistic Coach I am passionate and curious about life and self exploration. Currently I am living in Amsterdam, where I am fully enjoying my life in the city with little escapes to the beach. 

When Yoga entered my life, I felt a huge shift in my consciousness. Little did I know that now, six years later, this shift led me to where I am today. Following my deepest passion: Guiding people back home to their true essence. I learned that when we truly believe and have the courage to get to know ourselves, that’s when we start living our life!


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T e s t i m o n i a l s 

 '' Together with Ellemijn I worked in the sessions with a belief I had about myself and that caused me to feel a big trigger in my relationships with the people around me. In the first session I learned that the people around me only reflected the believes I had about myself, which gave me the responsibility to work with this belief about myself. Ellemijn is very good at holding the space and in my process I felt completely understood and heard. Ellemijn asks the right, critical questions, which led to a breakthrough in certain patterns I have. This has given me many insights. One of the greatest lessons I learned was that whatever I perceived in my relationships really is a reflection of certain beliefs I have about myself. This insight has given me the strength to tackle this myself. I learned that if you change something within yourself, this immediately will show in the relationships you have and with the world around you. How beautiful! ''



For questions, bookings, comments or collaborations, please feel free to write me a message or fill in the contact-form. I am open to connect, collaborate and start creative projects together.

Ellemijn Nonkes
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