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“We are all on a journey to rediscover ourselves.”

- Ellemijn Nonkes

Trainings and Certification:

⋒  Yin Yoga Teacher Training with de Nieuwe Yogaschool, 200 H
⋒  Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Mathieu Boldron, 200 H
⋒  Ayurveda and Yoga with Victoria Raven Hyndman, 50 H

⋒  Hatha, Philosophy and Mantra with Moena de Jong 50 H

⋒  Insight Yoga and Psychological Inquiry, with Sarah Powers 20 H
⋒  Essentials of Yoga , Delight Yoga with Sahaj & Satya 50 H 
⋒  Coaching Training, the Upstarter

Besides the trainings I did and the Certification I have, I daily practice and deepen my inward journey by having a regular yoga practice, interest for Ayurvedic health, Self-development and Selfstudy. It has become my way of living. 

Hi there beautiful one. My name is Ellemijn Nonkes, a passionate, curious and free spirit who teaches yoga, organizes holistic yoga & lifestyle events and holistic coach.


When I graduated from University, I discovered yoga. It was a period in my life where I was very far away from being myself. After my first yoga class I recognized something that I had been ignoring for a long time:

I felt my body, each and every corner of my body.
I felt my breath, deepening and exploring.
I felt aware. Aware of where I was, what I felt, what I was thinking and how I could observe all of these layers. 

This awareness got me curious. Through this awareness I could let go of patterns in my life that weren’t serving me and together with that, I learned to integrate yoga more and more into my daily life. Ever since I have been drawn to the holistic system in which body, mind and soul are connected for creating a balanced life. 


Now, six years later, Yoga became the foundation in my life. The practice of Yoga led me to a new way of living. It brought me here: creating a platform to help you find connection with yourself and help you find your way back to you. A lifelong practice, where we learn and get to know ourselves. Read more about the styles that I teach here


Besides teaching yoga classes, I organize workshops,retreats and events that help you to reconnect with yourself. We take the practice from the mat into our daily life, where we start to live yoga. I believe that we practice yoga, in whatever form,  to reconnect with ourselves while we start to recognize all of the layers of our being. 


My curiosity and interest for a healthy, holistic lifestyle, Ayurveda, Taoism, Femininity, Astrology, Self love, rituals and sacred practices are found in my teachings. There is no one size fits all approach in my philosophy.

I hope to inspire you to become you, by trying new practices and taking the time to get to know what works for you.