Yin Yoga is a slow and passive style of yoga, whereby we physically work the deeper tissues of the body (connective tissue, cartilage, fascia, ligaments etc.) instead of focussing on the muscles.

In these classes, we focus on a couple of poses for a longer amount of time (3-8 minutes), whereby the body slowly starts to soften and to relax. The poses act as a pressuriser, stimulating different meridians along the body.
The meridians are energy channels that run through the body, connected with the inner organs. You can compare stimulation of these meridians as ‘squeezing a garden hose’. The pressure increases inside the tube and upon releasing the hose, the water pressure pushes through the hose, removing any stagnation inside. When we hold the Yin posture, we let go of energetic stagnation by compressing the body tissues, where the meridians are located. 


My purpose, especially in my Yin Classes, is to help you relax and ease back into your body.  It is a perfect way to recharge your battery and gain awareness for all of the layers of your being. Sometimes the poses are challenging, since the poses work through on a physical, emotional and mental level. The practice of Yin Yoga helps you to become aware with what is and becoming in peace with that.