This class invites you to find balance and connect with both energies within: Yin & Yang. 

This style blends two styles of yoga into one practice: the benefits of passively holding yoga poses (Yin) with a more dynamic, flowing sequence (Yang). In Daoism, Yin & Yang are the concept that describe two energies that are found in everything. Yin represents the Moon energy: internal, passive, cooling, feminine, dark, downward, soft and stillness. The Yang represents the Sun energy: external, dynamic, warming, light, upward, strong and movement.

The class starts with a couple of stilling postures (Yin), whereby we physically work the deeper tissues of the body (connective tissue, cartilage, fascia, ligaments etc.) that stimulate the inner organs. Besides that, it brings you into contact with all of the layers of your being: physically, mentally and emotionally. After we opened the body, we move to a more dynamic (Yang) practice. The Yang practice is focussed on moving the body, building strength, rhythm and repetition.


My purpose with these Yin & Yang classes is to guide you through a balancing practice that shows you that both are intertwined in each other.  It is a perfect practice to recharge your battery and gain awareness for all of the layers of your being. Sometimes the poses are challenging, since the poses work through on a physical, emotional and mental level. The practice of Yin Yang Yoga helps you to become aware with that what is, by going through passive and active yoga postures. It’s a perfect mirror on what life can be like.