With Living Yoga we take our practice off the mat and learn to implement it into our daily lifes.
We learn to come home to ourselves daily, by feeling good about ourselves, just as we are.

Living Yoga goes beyond yoga asana: the yoga postures in a yoga class: the yoga we are most familiar with here in the western world. Living Yoga is a concept of workshops that I created after one of my biggest insights after practicing and teaching yoga for a while. As we all understand yoga differently: a physical exercise, a way to get stronger, healthier and more flexible; meditation, being still or chanting, for the ones who practice yoga: we all feel that it makes us feel good. 

Whatever yoga means to you, the word yoga literally means unity and offers us a way of life that leads to transformation. Not only by doing our practice on the mat, but we take it beyond that. We start implementing what we take from the mat into our daily life. It brings us to the Yoga Sutra’s and the Eight Limb path. The Yamas and Niyamas describe the morals that drive us further then only Asana. 

Currently I am providing two workshops: Living Self Love and Living Creativity