In the workshop ‘Living Self love’ you learn more about the most important relationship that you have in your life:
the relationship that you have with yourself. 


This workshop invites you to dive deeper into the meaning of Self love. You will learn how to bring more conscious awareness to one of the most important relationships in your life: the relationship you have with yourself.
We connect with our hearts and learn more about rituals to create more self love, yoga practices that help you to go inward and how aromatherapy, Ayurveda and a conscious lifestyle can help you to connect with yourself.


In this workshop we create a warm, loving and safe sharing space. We learn from each other by sharing our visions and rituals for self love, we use the yoga practice as a great mirror to the theme and we learn to listen to our own unique needs and ways of showing ourselves love.  


What does this workshop look like?
The workshop starts with opening the circle through an introduction to the theme. Afterwards, you will be led into a guided visualisation meditation and flowy, heart opening yoga practice. 

After exploring and awakening our heartspace, we enjoy a long well deserved Savasana with aromatherapy and (self) massage. After the nourishing Savasana, we reconnect with our intentions and talk about how we can maintain this love and compassion to ourselves into our daily lives. We finish the circle with tea and sweets.