In the workshop ‘Living Creativity’ you learn to reconnect with your own unique ‘creative energy’: represented as the feminine, yin energy. It is flexible, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and connected with the element of water. 


This workshop is all about creation.  Creation is connected with our second chakra: Svadhisthana and invites you to be flexible, spontaneous and creative:  embracing your feminine side. In these workshops you learn to connect with what the ‘creative and free’ energy means to you. You will find out your own way of expressing this energy, you discover rituals, flowy yoga practices and afterwards we collectively express creation by creating a flower mandala together. 

The creation of a flower mandala is a beautiful, healing and meaningful way to unleash your creativity, while at the same time being fully connected to nature. The essence of creation. 


What does this workshop look like?

The workshop starts with opening the circle through an introduction to the theme. Afterwards, you will be led into a guided visualisation meditation and flowy, intuitive yoga practice. 

After the awakening of the creative energy, we step into creation together by creating a flower mandala. This creative ritual is an expression of what our feminine energy looks like. After the creation of the mandala, we reconnect with our intentions.  We learn ways of inviting and maintaining this creative energy into our daily lives. We finish the circle with tea and sweets.